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Welcome to Hay!Land!
2018 is our 20 year anniversary

Hay!Land is an exciting Sim Game (or cyber game, among other names) based on the real world of the equestrian. It includes all the aspects of owning a horse from injuries to high performance, and it will allow you to experience and learn in a fun way. Hay!Land is a great place to meet other horse-lovers, and it includes people who have never had the opportunity to ride before to seasoned members of the showing community. This diversity is what makes H!L such a great and unique experience, no matter if you just want to pass the time or if you want to make horses your career. Our mission is to educate!

Thank you for wanting to join Hay!Land!

First you must register, and to do so you must go to the forum.

Once your forum registration is approved
(you will receive a email) ,please go the "New Players"
section of the forum and introduce yourself.

Please copy and paste the following information under the
"New Player" section. Please ensure that you complete
all the required fields fully:

Email Address The email address you register with will be verified before approval. If it is NOT a valid email address, you will NOT be approved.

User Name (Must be a real name, ex: Sandy) NO NUMBERS, SYMBOLS, ETC. in name, your membership will be denied!
You are more than welcome to re-register with a proper name.

The boarding barn you will be boarding at.

Our Newbie Guide

Please post in the forum (General Forum) if you
notice anything on this site that needs updating.

Thank you for wanting to join us for many
wonderful adventures and making new friends!

()-() Hay!Land Players Council ()-()